Covenant Children Today: Physical or Spiritual? by Alan Conner

Covenant Children Today

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Product description

This book is an attempt to advance some of the biblical support for a Reformed credobaptist view of “covenant children” in the New Covenant.

  • Who exactly are the members of the New Covenant?
  • Is membership confined to those who have faith in Jesus Christ, or should the babies of believers be included and called “covenant children”?
  • How does membership in the Old Covenant differ from membership in the New Covenant?

These and other questions are asked and answered in this well-written book.

122 pages

Published 2007

The book has short chapters which discuss such issues as: “Paul and the Seed of Abraham,” “A Transformed Abrahamic Covenant,” “The Old and New Covenants Contrasted,” “Household Baptisms,” and more!

Product endorsements

Winsomely and rigorously, Pastor Conner details why the Reformed Baptist position vis-a-vis the issue of baptism is biblically reformed and makes the best sense of the biblical data.

Michael A. G. Haykin, Ph.D.

It is indeed a privilege to add my commendation to Alan Conner’s book Covenant Children Today. His theological argument for credobaptism against paedobaptism is on the mark, especially in his explanation of the New Covenant and its membership.

Fred A. Malone, Ph.D.

This is a splendid book, not too long or heavy or polemical, but tackling all the theological and exegetical issues which have resulted in credobaptist conviction.

Geoffrey Thomas, Pastor

Alan Conner has scoured the New Testament to amass an abundance of evidence in favor of credobaptism–the view that only confessing believers should be baptized.

Sam Waldron, Ph.D.

About the author

Alan Conner, Th.M., is the teaching elder at Northwest Bible Church, Oklahoma City, OK. He is also the author of The Fountain of our Faith: God or Man?