Reformed Baptist Theological Review VIII:1 (Spring 2011)

Reformed Baptist Theological Review

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RBTR is a Reformed Baptist theological journal articulating the theology of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1677/89). It is aimed at pastors and theological students. Articles are devoted to exegetical, historical, theological, and practical issues. Each issue contains book reviews as well.

139 pages
Published 2011


  1. Acts 2:39 in its Context (Part I): An Exegetical Summary of Acts 2:39 and Paedobaptism ~ Jamin Hübner
  2. Acts 2:39 in its Context (Part II): Case Studies in Paedobaptist Interpretations of Acts 2:39 ~ Jamin Hübner
  3. John Gill’s Relationship to Eighteenth-Century Hyper-Calvinism: (I) An appraisal of the historical case against John Gill ~ Jonny White
  4. William Carey (1761-1834) and His Books: The Evangelical Library Annual Lecture delivered on Monday, June 6, 2011 ~ Austin A. Walker

Book Reviews

  • American Saint: Francis Asbury and the Methodists, John Wigger, reviewed by Austin A. Walker
  • The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus: Luke’s account of God’s unfolding plan, Alan J. Thompson, reviewed by Richard C. Barcellos
  • What Is a Reformed Church?, Malcolm Watts, reviewed by Richard C. Barcellos
  • William Kiffen and his World ( Part 1), Larry J. Kreitzer, reviewed by Austin A. Walker